written by class 7 b


We are chilling in the summer,

It’s sunny and hot.

We play football

When the sun goes down.


I’m going on Miami beach,

Cause I am rich.

We are swimming in the sea,

And watching pretty girls.

  A song written by Aljaž, Miha and Gal



Sun, sun, sun.

It’s hot, hot, hot.

It’s wet, wet, wet,

But we swim, swim, swim,

Eat, eat, eat,

Sleep, sleep, sleep.

And by the way,

It is a good day.

A poem written by Marko and Jasmin







In the summer

We have no school.

We get ice cream

And go swim in the pool.

It is hot and sunny

So we go on a trip

And we have a lot of fun.

                 A poem written by Jan and Nino



It’s hot!

You’re swimming in the sea,

You travel to the hotel.

You have friends.

It’s funny and sunny.


It’s short holiday

And you are sad.

But don’t forget

Play games with friends.

You miss school

But it’s good

Because you don’t go to school.


But do not  forget


            A poem written by Eva and Nastja





I am onVelenje beach,

I swim in the lake

And I lick an ice cream.


When I’m in the sea,

ice cream spill on me,

I swim in the lake.

                A poem written by Ermin and Tim

When it is hot outside,

You must jump in the lake

At the lake you buy ice cream with your friends.

When the beach is super hot,

You want to be in the shadow, Yeah.

When you finish school

You have freedom.

With your family you go to vacation near the sea.

    A poem written by Jona and Asmira




The sun is shinning

And I’m feeling OK.

I hope you have a beautiful day.

And if the weather is hot and sunny

Then jump in the shadow

And you’ll feel funny.

Eat your ice cream and sing along,

Jump in the water

And catch a ball.

         A song written by Manca, Polona and Maša


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